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    As you can see from the attached example screenshot, the "navigator" is always black and white (both in Word and, apparently (?) in Papyrus), The downside: when one is writing long, complex books with plenty of characters doing what thy do in many different places, it would often be very handy to easily recognize and move navigator titles like "1 The captain gets killed" - or "2 The elves' meeting" by their color. It would help creating structure to the story. For example, every time one of my main character Alanel appears, I would see the title in the nav panel as red - and so on... Did this make any sense?

    I realize that the timeline feature can probably do just that, just in a different view. Must test it more. Word-version.png
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    You can assign colors to chapters and scenes in the Navigator with a right-click:

    And if you set colors for your Timeline threads like here (blue: Main Story; red: Apes):

    You can set the Navigator colors to match your Timeline:

    1) Open the Navigator Options

    2) Set "Use Timeline thread colors in Navigator"

    Now your chapters and scenes automatically pick up the colors of their Timeline thread. Notice that colors which you set manually remain. I have red for the Apes thread, blue for the Main Story and yellow for Chapter II and some scenes that I wanted to stand out particularly.

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    Thank you, Hendrik! This helps a lot.