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Discussion in 'General Discussion and Feedback' started by Clint Cozier, Feb 15, 2019.

  1. Clint Cozier

    Clint Cozier New Member

    Are you still adding to the beta testing group? I'm an academic writer, and Author seems like a dream program. I'd love to be included in the beta program, I signed up weeks and weeks ago. I'm hoping that you're so close to launch that you're no longer adding to the beta testing group, that would be good news to me. If not, what do I need to do to be included in the beta testing group? I've got experience with all kinds of writing enviornmnets from Nota Bene, Mellel and Word to Ulysses and Scrivener. I'm a bit obsessive about my writing tools.
  2. Hendrik

    Hendrik Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Clint,

    we are indeed close to the launch. We're making a few changes in our infrastructure (downloads and accounting) before adding the next batch of testers. We will add more before we go live, so please hang on a little longer.
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  3. Clint Cozier

    Clint Cozier New Member

    Still rather impatiently waiting........
  4. beninoz

    beninoz Master of Ceremonies

    it'll be worth the wait. (y)
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  5. Hendrik

    Hendrik Administrator Staff Member

    We're sending out invites again, so check your inboxes. :)
  6. Jennifer Felton

    Jennifer Felton New Member

    I got my invite today, so yay! Very excited to try out the program!
  7. Avanish Patil

    Avanish Patil New Member

    Waiting for my invite !!!
  8. mirko

    mirko New Member

    Enrolled today!
    I do hope it is not just a Windows version as the pictures on the website suggest, keeping fingers crossed for a solid macOS application!
  9. Clint Cozier

    Clint Cozier New Member

    I got my invite, "O Happy Day, O Happy Day!" Now more wating........
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  10. Paolo

    Paolo Member

    I second Mirko hopes, and raise: what about an Atari version? It's some 15 years old (but still kicking...)
  11. Hendrik

    Hendrik Administrator Staff Member

    We must think about Atari in silent nostalgia. If you tell people "this has something to do with Atari", they'll first and foremost think: OLD!

    We have an awesome MacOS version, so Apple fans don't need to worry about the Windows screenshots.
  12. Paolo

    Paolo Member

    I was kidding, of course! And I fully understand what you are talking about. However, I do really think the Atari version was a wonderful piece of software (and as you surely know, I own the licenses for all three platforms)
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  13. Bernd Seidl

    Bernd Seidl New Member

    Thanks Hendrik, for the beta version, and hello to all from Australia! As long term users of Papyrus we know the history and are part of it. During the 90ties I used a different platform, too ;), now I am a happy Mac user. As I am not a native English speaker, I will try to translate some of my short stories from German into English, beside checking some professional texts from my times as a music therapist here. Mainly I will focus on the features listed under spell checking. Interesting and challenging in a way, that the number of listed words as synonyms is much more extended than in the German version. Enjoy your Easter holidays!! Bernd Seidl
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  14. JoeySl

    JoeySl Member

    Hi, everbody, I'm new to the forum, but I've been using the German version of Papyrus Autor for some years now. I'm a novelist and blogger and am currently getting into Photoshop quite a bit, too. I'm very excited to test Papyrus Author Beta because I've started to write in English more often than not.

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  15. beninoz

    beninoz Master of Ceremonies

    good to meet you. :)
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  16. Norman Rhodes

    Norman Rhodes New Member

    I’m still enthusiastic about the promise of this innovative software for writers.
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