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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Wishes' started by Jeyel, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Jeyel

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    New Hart's Rules suggests that on each spread (I take that to mean a right and left page) text column lengths should be the same even when one column has been shortened in order to lose a single line at the bottom.

    I don't want to tick the "Include the last paragraph line in justification" box under "Advanced Paragraph Justification" as I don't want that to apply to all paragraphs. But I would like it to apply it locally when a special key—Alt + Return for Page Break or Shift + Alt + Return for Column Break, for instance—is pressed.

    That would mean it would be easy to force a break to the next page or column leaving a fully justified last line behind.
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  2. glucose

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    Sometimes it’s better not to use the hard column break but instead select the line(s) in the first column and at least one line in the next column and then use Paragraph > Keep Lines Together.
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  3. Jeyel

    Jeyel Active Member

    I've just tried that and it works well, thanks.

    The advantage of inserting hard breaks (I understand) is that PA works better if there is one or more of these every 100 pages. Can't recall where I read that.

    ADDITION: The disadvantage is that two lines have to be selected and then the keys pressed. It would be easier just to position the cursor and press the keys, say, Alt+Return.

    Note that one of the shortcuts in the Keys option is wrong. It says (second option) Ctrl+Shift+8 but this should be '9'. (This is for Windows.)

    ADDITION 2: Since this is taking the whole line over, positioning the cursor anywhere on the line should be OK, not just at the end.
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