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    long time ago I use Papyrus to integrate business of Real estate agency (now defunct) and I would like to share this experience with you.
    I use (agency) Papyrus for:
    1. database of clients and real estates
    2. printing invoices and other documents from database
    3. automatically creating website from Papyrus PB database

    Without future introduction, please take a look at website that is created by PHP and JS automatically from plain Papyrus PB file:

    Idea was that employees at real estate agency would use Papyrus.exe to keep track of clients and real estate properties and other related data. They also make and print invoices regarding real estate services.
    Key point was that website is created from their work in Papyrus database without any additional work!
    I made PHP and JS code that create website out of PB file. My scripts also create "dropdown" menus for searching and sorting real estates (based on data inside PB file). I also add two fields for price filter. Cron would take once per day PB file and upload it to FTP.

    Anyway, here you can download complete Papyrus database with PB file that is used to create this site: (note: green fields from table #4 are displayed on website).
    If someone want, I can send him PHP and JS used to create site (I could make this scripts universal so you can make website out of any PB file).

    My plan for the future is to:
    1. make PHP and JS script universal
    2. copy as much as possible functionality of Papyrus application for database to web (realtime searches, sorting...)
    3. to make possible to edit PB file (using .LOG file) from internet and integrated data back to desktop

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