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  1. Seruna

    Seruna New Member

    Hello everyone.
    This is my first thread in a forum in...forever, really, so I hope you will bear with me through my terrible structure.
    I am fairly new to writing myself, and because I still lack the vocabulary to fill my stories with life and wonderful descriptions that are not boring and the fact that I have very little experience in the field itself I search the internet from time to time for advice on how to to write, and mostly on how to write better.
    I try to get as many sources as I can. People, Reading Books, Taking notes, listening to audio books and advice...and most recently, I have come across a Youtube Channel which I personally not only enjoy, but also find incredibly intriguing and enlightening.
    They are called "Overly Sarcastic Productions" and with they I mean two individuals going by the name of "Red" and "Blue" (When asked what their favorite color was, their natural reply was "Go figure"). Not only are their voices superb and easy to listen to, but the content is mighty interesting. The general starting idea, if I got it correctly, was to summarize classics in a most sarcastic manner, and those videos are very informative to watch.
    That, however, is not all. The reason I mentioning this is because of the "Trope Talk" section, where Red talks about, well, Tropes.
    Until very recently I had not even known such things existed, much less given them any thought, but her work on specific tropes has helped me to analyze my stories from a different kind of perspective and given me entire new things that I have to consider and focus on - which is not a bad thing!
    So, before I trail off any longer, here's a link, and let me know if it helped you as it helps me.

    Much Love.
  2. Dani

    Dani New Member

    I've just watched two episodes and that channel is a gem! Thanks for sharing.
    I first heard about tropes about two years ago, when Kelley Armstrong was talking about them at a book presentation. Everyone around me nodded knowingly and I felt like an idiot. As soon as I was home that day, I looked for a translation (I'm not a native English speaker, so there are still a lot of words out there that I don't know) and then discovered the wonderful world of tropes. Because, as you said, they give a writer a nice tool to analyze stories or even come up with story lines and twists.

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