What gets you in the writing mood?

Discussion in 'General Discussion and Feedback' started by beninoz, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. beninoz

    beninoz Master of Ceremonies

    I have very specific things that have to be just right for me to sit down and start writing my novels. First, I need dead silence. No music, no distractions; blinds closed, door shut. I also need to start writing the second I get out of bed, otherwise, I can't seem to motivate myself. I need coffee, coffee, and more coffee. Then, with afternoon approaching, and my daily target hit, I might have a beer. :whistle:
    Yet, more than all the above, I need my clunky keyboard.
    I have a number of keyboards, all for different purposes. My everyday keyboard is a Microsoft Modern Bluetooth keyboard. It's great, and very reliable. Its action is smooth and it never misses a keystroke. As good as it is, I just don't feel like it's right for writing my books with. It's to clean and sterile an experience.
    For writing, I like clunky, loud keyboards. It makes me feel like I'm plugging away on an old typewriter.
    My favourite for this is my Qwerky Writer. It looks like an old typewriter and even has a turn bar. It's also as finicky and unreliable as an old typewriter. It's Bluetooth too, but often drops keystrokes and the keys sometimes stick from overuse. If you don't hit a key for a minute or so, it goes to sleep and often doesn't wake up until I've written two or three words. This means I have to go back and add the words that were missed. As much of a pain as it can be at times, I love it.
    Every time I use it, I get straight in the mood to write. Once I'm done with writing for the day, I switch it off, place it carefully back on the shelf behind me, and return to my Microsoft keyboard for everyday use.
    Though I often curse it for dropping keystrokes or missing words, the clunky and sound of keys being hit seems to do something for me.
    In an attempt to break the Qwerky's hold on me, I bought an Azio MK Retro classic. It's very much like the Qwerky, but more reliable. Yet, like a Siren, the Qwerky keeps calling me back to its terrible ways.
    I've had the Qwerky for nearly four years now, and have bashed out millions of words on it. One day it will die, and I will be forced to buy its overpriced and more reliable newer model. My only dread is, will it feel the same? :( Will my muse die with my keyboard?
    To stop this from happening, I treat the keyboard like a loved one. I clean it carefully with a paintbrush and canned air. I take the keycaps off and clean the mechanisms. Is this over the top? My wife thinks so. But I worry the death of Qwerky is the death of my creativity.
    It might not be a loud, clunky, pain in the ass keyboard, but is there something that to get you in the creative mood?
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  2. Hendrik

    Hendrik Administrator Staff Member

    Great read! I hope you can drag the old keyboard along forever :LOL:
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  3. JoeySl

    JoeySl Member

    Actually, I don't think there's anything special that does it for me. Coffee, yes, or the occasional gin and tonic later in the evening ;) Apart from that, nothing get's me going like a looming deadline...
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  4. beninoz

    beninoz Master of Ceremonies

    The dreaded deadline is always the best motivational tool there is. :)
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  5. beninoz

    beninoz Master of Ceremonies

    Another good motivator is adding your work in progress' cover to the pinboard background. Every time you open Papyrus you're reminded of what you're working toward.

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  6. JoeySl

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    Ah, yes, that's a good idea, too! I have pictures of my main characters pinned to the wall.
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  7. Circulus777

    Circulus777 Member

    Thanks for the reminder. I forgot about that. Usually, I have enough distractions when writing, but a background connecting my brain to my story could be of some use. ;)
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