What is worse: MS Word or LibreOffice?

Discussion in 'Banter' started by Milan Kovač, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. Milan Kovač

    Milan Kovač Member

    This is simple TERRIBLE! I just try to drag and drop 15 images in Word - it load only one image!
    Then I try using menu > insert > image from file again I can only select one image!

    WTF?!? (MS Word for Mac version 2011)

    Then I try LibreOffice ( and it load all 15 images but then I can not select them all at once (I want to set Wrap for all of them!)


    Then I start Papyrus and drop all 15 images, select all 15 images and set Wrap for all of them in second.

    I can not believe that entire WORLD use this crap of MS Word and copycat Open/LibreOffice!
    And that e.g. Charles Simonyi is considered as some kind of god today?!? WTF?
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  2. Hendrik

    Hendrik Administrator Staff Member

    This might look like a sponsored post, but it isn't. ;)
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