Who is Papyrus Author made for?

Papyrus Author is for everyone who wants their word processor to work hard for them. Whether you’re penning a full-length book or a blog post, working on a work memo, a school assignment, or an important email, Papyrus is designed to make the writing process smooth and rewarding, each and every time. Having said this, book-writing is where Papyrus Author shines the most because of it’s tools that range from creative idea-finding all the way to publishing.

Take a tour of some of our most popular features for helping plan, structure, write, and edit writing projects of every stripe.

How can Papyrus Author help me write my book?

No story is quite like the other and every writing project has its unique set of challenges. Much more than just a word processor, think of Papyrus Author as a fully stocked toolkit to help you tackle whatever hurdles come your way.

Developed in close collaboration with published writers, Papyrus has everything you need to bring great books to life:

  • A robust writing interface designed to get you into the flow
  • Research databases to build up fully-fleshed characters and thorough backgrounds
  • Planning and plotting made easy with the visual Thinkboard and Timeline tools
  • Strong story building and organizing with the mighty Organizer tool. Zoom in on the details, or step back for the bigger picture
  • Editing tools like the Style and Readability Analysis let you see your work with fresh eyes to become your own editor
  • When your project is finished, publish as an e-book, PDF, or editor-friendly manuscript in just a few clicks
How can I get Papyrus Author?

Sign up and download Papyrus Author for free on our website. You can create an account and start working right after installing the software. An email will be sent to you, asking you for validating your account. No cost involved. When you are ready to commit to the next step, there is Papyrus Author Pro, unlocking special features to enhance your writing experience.

Where can I find help about using Papyrus Author?

We’ve designed Papyrus Author to be easy to use and intuitive. But should you ever get stuck, there’s a Help button in every major dialog window. This is where you’ll find handy tips, tricks, and solutions that clear up most user issues.

For a detailed overview of all Papyrus functions, navigate to the Guide menu and open the Manual. There is also a tutorial video series to show you the way around Papyrus, which you can view here.

Finally, there’s the Papyrus Wiki, which contains articles on everything you could want or need to do with our software, illustrated with screenshots. The Wiki and its subcategories can be found here.

Where can I ask questions or get additional support?

Hop over to our user forum, where support staff and members of the Papyrus community will gladly help out. Don’t forget to try the search function, in case your issue has already been addressed in an earlier post. The forum is also a great place to connect with other Papyrus users, share ideas, and talk shop.

To visit the forum, click here.

Can I create and style e-books in Papyrus Author?

With just a few clicks, Papyrus Author can create ready-to-go e-books for both Kindle (mobi files) and all other e-readers (epub files). That includes a chapter-by-chapter table of contents.

You can style your e-book with preset style sets or your custom CSS files, and see a preview of your book before exporting. Keep in mind that how the content will appear on your readers’ screens is always affected by the settings and size of their e-reader.

Can I save Papyrus Author files in the cloud?

Yes, Papyrus files can easily be saved on cloud platforms like Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, or One Drive. Simply open the File menu, select Save As, choose your cloud directory, and save your document as usual. That’s it.

If you’d like to specify a path for saving an additional local copy, you’ll find that option in the Cloud section of the Settings menu. For extra security, set a password to protect your data.

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