Is Papyrus Author right for me?

Papyrus Author is the word processor for all writers and authors who want their text to make an impact. Improve your writing style by becoming your own editor and reliably finding weaknesses in your text.
You can benefit from the advantages of Papyrus Author even when not writing professionally. Anyone who always wanted to start a writing project will appreciate the stress-free and goal-oriented way of working.

Starting with Papyrus Author is easy. But should you ever do get stuck, our Wiki, the forum and the help sections in the software are just a click away.

Where can I find the tools for editing my text?

The “Big Three” text enhancement tools of Papyrus Author are located in the status bar of the main Papyrus window, at the bottom of your document.

Here, you will find a book icon (Grammar- and Spellcheck), a feather icon (Style Analysis) and an eye icon (Readability Evaluation). Activate any of these functions by clicking on their icon.

Can I use Papyrus Author with a cloud?

Yes, Papyrus files can easily be stored in a cloud. Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive or One Drive work without problems. Simply go to the Papyrus “File” menu and select “Save as…” and save your document as usual, just in the cloud directory. That’s all.

In the “Settings”, under “Cloud”, you can specify a path for saving an additional local copy. You can also enter a password to protect your data.

How do I change my quotation marks?

You can set the default style of quotation marks to all popular quotation styles, like regular quotation marks, guillemets, reversed, etc. You can set them in the entire text with just one click. To do this, go to “Settings” → “User Interface” → “Automatic Quotes”.

Papyrus also checks whether quotation marks are correctly set in pairs and in the same type when spellchecking is switched on.
This check can also be activated in the menu “Edit” → “Special”.

How do I make indentations?

With our default style “Standard”, Papyrus offers a style template for paragraphs that provides an indentation out of the box, as is common in books. Indentations are omitted directly after titles or blank lines, just as is required in books.
If you do not want to have these indents, please use the “Standard Office” style.

You can also create indentations yourself. This works by dragging the little ball in the ruler scale, above the blue triangle. Then you select whether you want to “Change All Using this Style” (i.e. in the whole text), or just change the indentation in the current paragraph.

Can I create and style e-books in Papyrus?

Papyrus Author can create both relevant e-book formats:
• mobi for Amazon’s Kindle and
• epub for all other e-book readers.

When creating an e-book, you only have minor influence on the formatting. The appearance of the content depends a lot on the reader. This means that you often do not need to set margins, indents, etc. There are no pages in e-books either, as the amount of text per screen depends on the font size. The “pages” that some readers display are arbitrary.

Only the chapter structure is important, so that Papyrus automatically generates a table of contents for the e-book. For example, use our headline styles “Title” or “Heading”.
So be aware that your e-books look different from the formatted text shown in Papyrus. You will find a preview of your e-book before exporting, and you will be able to style your e-book with preset style sets or your custom css files. By design, epubs can be customized more than mobis.

Where can I find help about Papyrus functions?

You can find a “Help”-button for a specific explanation in every important dialog window of Papyrus. Dare to use it! It’s not just there for decoration. You’ll often be able to find valuable tips & tricks behind the help button.

The detailed manual can be found under “Manual”. It will introduce you to all functions of Papyrus Author.

The Papyrus Wiki contains articles on everything you might want to do with Papyrus. All features are illustrated with screenshots. The Wiki with its subcategories can be found here.

Where can I ask questions about Papyrus?

Our forum is awaiting your questions. Just ask, there’ll often be someone able to help you out quickly, support staff or other users. Maybe your question has even been asked before and the answer can already be found.
The forum is home to our Papyrus community. Here, you’ll be able to connect with other Papyrus users and discuss away.

Click here to visit the forum.

How can I get Papyrus Author?

Sign up for our beta program, and we will send you an email when the next batch of beta testers is invited. Joining the beta is free!

You will also get information on anything new and exciting as we get closer to the release. You can unsubscribe at any time. We do not send spam: E-mails are only sent to inform about new versions, the beta, or special events.

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