The Thinkboard (A Brainstorming Tool)


The Thinkboard allows you to associate ideas freely and offers many features that go above and beyond a typical mind map. Create idea bubbles, notes, and characters and move them around as needed. Link them together with lines or arrows and use what you’ve created to generate new chapters. Generating chapters from notes is a smooth way to dive into the actual writing.

In the Thinkboard, your “idea boxes” (“ideas” for short) can be moved around however you choose and can be connected by various types of lines.

You can then mark all of the ideas that belong together and create an “idea group” (“group” for short) out of them. These groups can also be given a title.

The unique feature of the Thinkboard is its ability to link elements to your actual text. Anything you created in the Thinkboard can be dragged into your document. You can then later backtrack the origin of an idea (this text belongs to that area in the Thinkboard), or even create chapters and populate them with content from your ideas. It can be a lot easier to start writing when you have the basic structure and content laid out.


Drag an idea into a chapter or scene in the Navigator. This will create a link so you can jump from the idea in the Navigator to the Thinkboard and vice versa.

Events, scenes, and chapters can also be created in the Thinkboard: Mark an idea in the Thinkboard as a key event. Drag it into your text and a key event will be created there automatically with the text from your idea box in the Thinkboard.


Furthermore, if you drag an entire idea group into the Navigator, a new chapter will be created automatically. Each idea box in the group will then become a paragraph in your new chapter.

Thus, you can use the idea-generating Thinkboard to help you directly create text.


1. The Thinkboard display

You can start by opening a single Thinkboard for your text by clicking on the icon  in the toolbar.

Every text has a corresponding Thinkboard. Your Thinkboard will grow with your ideas. When you move elements of the Thinkboard–idea boxes, groups, …–close to the current edge of your Thinkboard, it will expand.


For a good overview of your Thinkboard, you can zoom in and out as you choose. This can be done either with the combination  +  , or with the icons  in the status bar of the Thinkboard. To view your entire Thinkboard at once, simply hold down the alt key  and left-click  on the  icon (  +  +  ).


You can create links between your Thinkboard and the Navigator. A click on a Thinkboard link in the Navigator will take you to that spot on your Thinkboard.

To do this, of course, you need to display the Navigator in the Thinkboard. Just like in the main text, you click on the compass symbol