Document Sets (Linked Documents)

If you use Papyrus for a variety of word processing needs, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by having too many documents opened at once.

Papyrus therefore has the option to help keep your documents organized in sets and to switch between these sets of linked documents.

Document sets allow you to open all documents belonging to a certain project or topic with just a click.

Document sets are similar to your favorites, except that they open more than one document at a time.

Settings for document sets can be found under “Preferences” → “Documents” → “Document Sets.”

You can link documents to a set in the Document Sets dialog

There is an option in this dialog that allows you to choose whether all other documents you currently have opened will be closed when you open a set (Papyrus will also ask to make sure before closing all your documents).

Document sets can be opened under the “File” menu (you can also access the settings here).

Document sets can be opened in the File main menu

Last updated by Leon Ramps on October 18, 2017