Element Display


Which display elements will be shown in your document window and which color they should appear in, can be chosen in the Papyrus preferences under “Element Display.”

You can turn all of these options on and off with the  icon or with the option “Show display elements” under the menu “View.”

This dialog has options for displaying “frames” around your graphic objects. You can choose to display frames around your “  Picture frames,” “  Text object frames,” and “  Table cell frames.”

You can also decide whether you would like the following to appear as mini symbols: “ Text symbols (e.g. anchors),” “ Spaces,” “ Tabs,” and “ Return (paragraph ends).

The vertical and horizontal “ Magnetic guidelines,” which pull all objects brought within 3 mm of the nearest edge onto it, can be shown or hidden here.

It can make sense to display the “ Baselines” of the lines if you are working with special line settings, for example Microspacing.

Lastly, you can choose to show or hide the “ Printer Margins,” which are the lines around the edge of your paper that show the area on which can be printed.

Last updated by Leon Ramps on October 23, 2017