Setting Writing Goals

Papyrus Author has the functionality to allow you to set targets for reaching a specific amount of words (or characters, line, pages, etc.). This can be a ‘Global target‘ set for the document, as well as a ‘Session target‘ if you want to see exactly how much you have written on a particular day. This allows you to see how close you are to reaching your target in real time.

You can access the dialog for setting targets under the “Document” menu → “Document Properties” → “Miscellaneous” → “Target.”

Document properties dialog target settings tab

The Target dialog for setting targets and deadlines


Document target warning message

Papyrus Author reminds you of your set deadline

Under “Deadline for this document” you can also set a deadline date for when the document should be completed by.

If you select “Warn me X days before deadline” (where X is the number of days), when you open the document within that warning limit, a message will be displayed on screen to remind you of your deadline.

The target will be shown as a progress bar in the status bar on the bottom of your window. To see exactly how many words/characters you need to meet your target, hover your cursor over the progress bar.

Toolbar target status

Your target is displayed in the status bar

Toolbar target options

Settings can be changed via the context menu

You can change the settings for your goals in the context menu (right-click on the right side of the status bar ). If you have exceeded your goal, the progress bar will turn red.

The colors for the text you have already written can all be changed in “Preferences” → “Appearance” → “Status Bar.” The default settings are as follows: progress is set to green, the text you have left to write is in blue, text that has almost reached the goal or gone just over it appears in orange and text exceeding your goal is set to red.

Preferences status bar options

The colors for your progress bar can be changed

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