Starting With a Blank Page

A blank page–just one click ( ), and you can start writing.

A new document

Here’s how:

  •  Click on the “Create New Document” icon in the toolbar.
  • Alternatively: select “New” in the menu “File.”
  •  Save the document under a new name, so your progress is safe. Papyrus will by default automatically save backups for newly saved files.

Advantage: This easy method is fast. You can always make changes later.

It’s possible to change your document to other layouts at any time, start projects, add a Character Database, etc …

Disadvantage: An “unstructured” start. If, while you are writing, you decide you don’t like the look of the text, you will have to go back and make changes.

Would you like more? Then use one of Papyrus‘ “sample” documents and choose a “template” as a starting point. Or you can also start a “project,” which will organize your files and provide you with additional useful documents.

Last updated by Leon Ramps on October 23, 2017