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Papyrus Author will be available for Mac OS X and Windows in 2018.

Write better. Write with us.

We proudly present Papyrus Author, the word processor where your text matters. Expect a full writing suite that supports you beyond the core writing experience: Our unique features are tailor-made for the modern author.

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Discover Papyrus Author - coming soon for Windows and Mac OS X!

Books written with Papyrus Author

Papyrus users write better. They can be found winning writing contests regularly, as show the winner of the Kindle Storyteller Award 2015, Phillip P. Peterson, as well as the winners of the Indie-Award on the Leipzig book fairs 2015 and 2016.

Thousands of books were successfully written with Papyrus Author.

Papyrus Author Linguistic Readability Analysis

Our text editor has matured to perfection after decades of development. But Papyrus Author supports you substantially beyond the core writing experience.

Excellent grammar- and spellchecking work hand in hand with our style analysis, which was developed in cooperation with best-selling authors. It highlights awkward text areas like repetitions, filler words, weak phrasings and more. Our readability analysis shows you which parts of your document are hard to read in easily understandable colors. Editing your manuscript has never been easier.

Papyrus Author Thinkboard

Planning and consistency of the author’s story are realized with the “Thinkboard”, an enhanced mind-map that is interconnected with the text.

Outline the ideas relevant to your story and their relations to each other. Automatically generate chapters and scenes out of those elements that make it into the story.

Papyrus Author Character Database and Research Database

Research and character databases help manage story data. Collect all your important actors, areas and objects in one place.

Every such entry is automatically connected with occurences in the text and makes background info accessible and editable with one mouse-click.

Papyrus Author Navigator

The navigator pane helps you manage the structure of your text. Create and move chapters and scenes, revisit notes, comments and research. Get a quick overview of what is where in your text.

You can also access the timeline through the navigator to manage the chronological order of your story.

The English version of the award-winning word processor Papyrus Author can be expected in early 2018.

Work on the English version is in its final stage.

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