View Main Menu

The “View” main menu allows you to choose exactly how to display your document in Papyrus.

The View main menu

You have a variety of different “Working Modes” to choose from:

A “Full Screen” mode, in which your text will take up the entire screen. There is also the option to “Display as Print Preview,” which will show you exactly how your document will look when printed. “Display Elements” (such as paragraph breaks, space, etc.) can be turned on and off in this menu as well.

You can choose to view your text on a “Centered Page,” and whether you would like to see the left, top, and bottom “Margins” or not.

There are two options in this menu developed specifically for authors: The option “Show Direct Speech Only” allows you to concentrate on the dialog in your text; anything not in quotation marks will be displayed in a lighter color.

Ghost Texts” are chapters meant for background information as well as unfinished chapters that should not be included in your book. Ghost texts will not be printed or exported with your text.

Tabs” at the top of your Papyrus window allow you to work with more than one Papyrus document at a time. They will each appear in their own tab, so you can quickly switch back and forth as needed. By grabbing on to one of these tabs and pulling it out of the window, you will open the document in a window of its own. You can use the same drag and drop method to pull a document into a window or to change the order of your tabs.

If you want to insert text or a picture with your mouse into a document whose tab is currently not at the front, simply hold your cursor over the tab and it will be pulled forward. More settings for these options can be found under “Preferences” → “User Interface” → “Tabs.”

The “Display…” tab in “Preferences” will open a new dialog with options for page display, the ruler, text cursor, graphics, and colors for selected text, background, and the faded text when displaying “speech only” mode.

In “Preferences” you also have the option to change the “Working Modes” themselves (and then to use them in the menu “View”).

Last updated by Leon Ramps on October 13, 2017