Papyrus Author 2022

Brace for a new wave of creative innovation. Rich character development, writing style fine-tuning, goal tracking, visual plotting, and a beauty upgrade–Papyrus Author 2022 is the environment your story deserves.

Explore the new features:

Character Sheets–give your characters true purpose.

The new Character Sheets offer the home your cast deserves. Add character traits, appearance, motivations, and goals, and make edits without having to switch windows. Sheets are directly accessible from the document!

Capture your character’s identity.

Once you deep dive into the how, what and why of your character’s background, you get all the space to fill in details. Character Sheets can be customized and changed to fit the narrative as your characters evolve.

Avatars represent your cast.

Choose an avatar for each of your characters to manifest them throughout Papyrus Author.

Collect inspiration.

Sheets come with two areas: “Ideas” and “Gallery”. Jot down thoughts in the “Ideas” section’s big text area. Collect pictures and inspiring graphics to associate with your character in the “Gallery” section.

Create the right setting.

Locations and items are important puzzle pieces in their own right, so we have specially designed Sheets for both. Carefully selected locations and items act as great props to strengthen your plot and backstory.
If you already have a character database, the new Character Sheets will be applied automatically. You can edit your entries to fit into the new Character Sheets or, if you prefer Papyrus Author’s old database view, you can still switch back.

Autocorrection–comfortably wrong.

Stay in writing flow–Let Papyrus Author take care of fixing typing errors. The autocorrection is the improved companion for fast writing.
Autocorrections are now highlighted with a little animation to indicate its activation. After a few seconds, the correction is automatically applied and the highlight vanishes. You concentrate on your writing.

Style Statistics–find the ups and downs of your writing style.

Assess your book: The Style Statistics apply the power of Style Analysis to your complete project, and chapter by chapter, you can pinpoint sections that might read better or worse from the rest of your text.
Don’t like graphs? Get a quick overview of your work with the most important results summarized for you. This information will help you to understand the complexity of your writing style, compare multiple style categories at once or highlight individual style weaknesses at a glance.
Make sure your book flows effortlessly. The Readability Statistics show you how smooth or challenging your chapters are to read. In both statistics, you can jump to the respective chapters in the document by double-clicking on them in the statistics view.

Notes–collect ideas on idyllic Pinboards.

The document window shines in a new and improved design. Sticky notes and text snippets are now easier and faster than ever to create by double-clicking anywhere on your Pinboard. More Pinboard backgrounds have been added to beautify your writing environment and create an inspiring ambient space.

Thinkboards–plotting with story templates.

Visualize every story, conflict, and action–with as many Thinkboards as you need. Quickly restructure the narrative with drag and drop, duplication and copy features. New topic? New Thinkboard!
New operations for Thinkboard elements save time. Delete the contents of an idea bubble without destroying its connections, exchange pictures, and style text with a cute little toolbar.
Start your story with one of the many new Thinkboard templates! From romance to thriller, the templates draw out the proven, time-tested story structures and archetypical characters for your chosen genre–just fill in details as they come to you. Choose one of the templates by clicking on the Thinkboard+ icon in the new Thinkboard bar.

Writing goals–success in mind.

Align your focus and hone in on your achievements by setting writing goals.
Now you can have your goals in clear sight, track your progress, and stay on top of your word count, deadlines and session milestones.
Like a detailed writing schedule? Plan with the calendar; add pre-determined days off, and Papyrus Author will calculate daily goals for you automatically based on your deadline and remaining words or pages.
How awesome is it to accomplish a big chunk of writing? Papyrus Author celebrates your achievement with a notification once you met your daily goal or even finished your project.

... And much more.

A lot more happened behind the scenes.

New, unsaved documents are automatically saved–you will never have to worry about losing your valuable work again. In addition, all images associated with your project will now be saved in a sub-folder of your project, so nothing is lost during copying. All backup copies are now internally time-stamped, ensuring they will sync better with your Cloud Storage.

What will you try out first?

• Revolutionized Character Sheets
• Improved autocorrection
• Beautiful sticky notes and Pinboard backgrounds
• Style Statistics
• Thinkboards with themed templates
• Writing goals for sessions and projects

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Papyrus Author 2022.

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