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You need an environment that is tailored to the unique nature of creative writing.
Papyrus Author is that environment, designed for writing as much as for storytelling, editing and publishing. Traditional word processors just don’t cut it when it comes to writing books, creating worlds, or layouting manuscripts.

Keep All Ideas in Sight.

Which seasoned author doesn't fear the perils of losing a good idea in their piles of scribblings? Not anymore: Jot down notes, pin atmospheric images, and save sudden bursts of inspiration directly next to your pages–the entire screen is yours to use.

Shape Your Story.

Until a book is finished, its chapters, scenes and events are like a torrent, ever-changing in their order. Steer through the waters of your plot, and boldly rearrange its events with the Navigator, an interactive guide to your story's structure.

Visualize Your World.

A book is more than a good storyline. Combine a captivating cast with a plot escalating in an exciting and conclusive way, and you have the recipe for a bestseller. Visualize your narrative with the Thinkboard, a story mapping tool, and delve into your character’s minds, motivations and unique traits with Character Sheets.

Do Your Own Editing.

Your manuscript will attract more attention if it’s well-edited. Become your own editor with a strong grammar and spellcheck as well as the Style Analysis, giving you insightful feedback about too long sentences, word repetitions, filler words and more. A smooth read offers you the stage to enthrall with your story.

Get published.

If it’s your dream to get published, Papyrus Author helps you arrange your work in the exact format required by publishers, self-publishing platforms and print shops. A beautiful manuscript allows for easy reading and ensures your work is taken seriously. Use e-book and print templates to produce a finished piece that’s ready to face the world.

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    Ben Brown
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    Andreas Eschbach
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    Claudia Winter
  • Papyrus Author's features are simply thrilling besides being very useful. The story database is a very powerful tool for writers like me who have endless places, characters and, well, whatever there is in the story.
    Thomas Sand

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