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Your book's home.
Papyrus Author’s purpose is creative writing. You need an environment that knows about your desires as a storyteller, and meets your challenges as an author.
Focus on writing.
Enter the zone. Flashy tools and features are helpful for plotting, but when it’s time to write, you enter a Distraction Free Mode to enjoy a flow without interruptions.
A great story requires planning.
Watch your chapters, scenes, events, storylines, and actors fall into the big picture as you spread your project out with the Organizer.

From A to Z–everything you need.

From first page to finished book:
Papyrus Author is with you all the way.

Freedom to write

A word processor designed to work as hard as you. Thousands of pages can be loaded in a flash. Everything runs quickly and cleanly, giving you the freedom to do what you do best: create.

Your book, your layout

What should your book look like? Fit your vision for a layout with fully customizable indents, page numbers, margins, headers, table of contents and more. Ready-made templates available!

Compatible with Word

Transfer work from and to Word with ease. Collaborate with editors and beta readers with compatible features like comments and revision tracking.

Self-made e-books

Create e-books that upload cleanly to the top self-publishing platforms. Preview and export your manuscript in epub and mobi formats with just a few clicks.

Perfect prints

Interested in successful physical copies of your book? Create print-ready book files for print-on-demand and more with maximum quality and settings even for CMYK.

Book projects

Projects are a surefire solution to keep all files relevant to your book together in one place, with images, research, characters etc. included.

Writer's Thesaurus

Explore expressions with the Thesaurus. The vast synonym and associative dictionary helps you make sure your choice of words is engaging and bears no repetitions or dull phrases.

Spell and grammar check

A robust spell and grammar check makes quick work of mistakes or wrong sentence structures. Autocorrection fixes your typing errors so you can concentrate on your flow.

Your Writing Environment.

Keep ideas and notes on beautiful Pinboards.

Plan your writing schedule, set goals, and track your achievements.

Collect research in a database for access to all details at all times.

It’s Time to Write Your Book.

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What’s Your Writing Style?

Analyze your text’s readability.
Write for your audience. Is your chosen complexity appropriate and are your scenes flowing as they should? See paragraph by paragraph where your text might be more challenging than you want it to be.
Direct speech has to feel real.
Review your character’s conversations as if they were right in front of you. The Direct Speech mode fades out any text except dialog, so you can ensure that every talk flows naturally.
Style is not just a matter of taste.
Polishing your draft’s writing style is a crucial step towards ensuring a good read. The Style Analysis provides insightful feedback about potential stylistic weaknesses like fillerwords, vague verbs, violations of “Show, don’t tell” and much more.
Papyrus Author Readability
Papyrus Author Direct Speech Mode
Papyrus Author Style Analysis

Visualize Your Ideas.

Manifest your story.

What if you could literally see your plot unfolding? Papyrus Author offers you the Thinkboard, a canvas to visualize your ideas and form them into a story. Design mind maps, brainstorm topics, and lay out your narrative with pre-made genre templates.

Keep an eye on the time.

Ensure your plot is coherent so your readers don’t lose immersion by a logical mistake or contradiction. Line up your chapters, scenes and events on the Timeline, and keep a grasp of your story’s formula, flashbacks and time leaps included.

The Creative Suite That Writers Trust.

More than 75,000 authors write their books with Papyrus Author.
When will you start?

Start smoothly

Creative writing means a lot of notes, documents and projects. Access all of them comfortably from the Start Screen, no searching your computer for files needed.

Story Sheets

Keep background info about characters, locations and items in dedicated sheets, which you can directly view from the text. Avatars give your characters a face.


Write in peace, knowing that backups of your work are generated automatically in the background. You can even access past versions to check your history.


When did you write that? Timestamps present the last change date of your text passages, paragraph by paragraph.

Revision tracking

Track changes, such as text deletions, insertions and overrides, and make comments. You can follow who changed what, and when, with full Word compatibility.

Ghost Text

Write between the lines. Ghost Text lets you store thoughts directly in your text that are not visible when printed or published.

Images and graphics

Are you planning to create a cookbook? You can precisely arrange images, graphics and tables in your document. Also store any atmospheric images on your Pinboard.

Style Statistics

Where are your book’s stylistic ups and downs? The Style Statistics show you which chapters differ the most from your overall writing style.

What Will You Write Next?

All that’s left to do is ...